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The Press is a daily appearing large-format newspaper. It is published in Christchurch, the capital of the Canterbury region on the South Island of New Zealand. The newspaper is owned by Fairfax Media Limited based in Australia.


The Press first appeared on May 25, 1861 in a small cottage in Montreal Street Christchurch, making it the longest running newspaper in the South Island. The first edition was a six-page tabloid and a price of 6 pence. The driving force behind the then regular weekly magazine was James Edward Fitzgerald.

In 1905, The Press acquired the property at its current seat for £ 4,000. The board of the Christchurch Press Co. Ltd.. acquired for further £ 5,000 from the Theatre Royal Syndicate later also the right of way and the original Theatre Royal, near the Cathedral Square still remaining parts of the building. The part of the building in the Gothic style was then adopted in the 1907 initiated new corporate building. The editorial staff retired in 1909 from the previous location at the Cashel Street in the new building.

In the 1930s, The Press began to seek solutions to improve the long delivery times of the newspaper to the West Coast. Road conditions at the time were still very difficult and also the New Zealand Railways Department was not willing to let the ordinary people train as early as required run in the morning, as this would have been uneconomical for their customers, while freight trains not at the necessary level speed reached.

Accordingly, The Press willingly gave a grant for the construction and operation of two small NZR RM class ( Leyland diesel) - railcars for transporting the newspapers in a reasonable time. These railcars began their deployment on 3 August 1936 and left Christchurch in the morning at 2:20 clock, wrong on the Midland Line, until they reached Greymouth at 6:40 clock and continue on the backroad Ross Branch Hokitika shortly before 8:00 clock. Thus, a significantly faster delivery was achieved than was possible before. However, the use of these rail cars was a time-limited measures, with the delivery of powerful Vulcan railcars ( NZR RM class (Vulcan ) ) in early 1940 the company was converted to this.

The Press today

The newspaper is the largest of the four daily Monday to Saturday located on the South Island in circulation publication with a circulation of over 90,000 copies. The regional newspapers The Christchurch Mail, Northern Outlook and the Central Canterbury News also published by The Press.

There are daily changing focus pages and main issues, plus various monthly or twice annually published supplements.

  • Price: Monday-Friday: 1.10 NZ $, Saturday: NZ $ 2.00
  • Distribution: approximately 223,000 readers in the South Island (as of 2006)

Mission Statement

The motto of the newspaper at the main entrance and on the imprint reads: " Nihil utile quod non honestum " ( applied analogously: Nothing is more useful when it is not honest "). How the Australian newspaper The Age also used The Press the coat of arms of the United Kingdom in its lettering.


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