The Sallyangie

Sallyangie (also The Sallyangie ) was a British folk duo consisting of Sally Oldfield and her brother Mike. The duo was founded in 1967 when Mike Oldfield was 14 years old. He then moved to Barefeet and 1971 he played with Kevin Ayers in the group The Whole World. The only album the duo has been published under the title Children of the Sun 1969. In the same year, the duo split due to artistic differences, which are also reflected in the very different styles of the later successful solo careers.

The publication formed the basis for the continued success of both a solo artist. There is the personality of the two artists. In addition to the LP released two singles with songs that were not included on the music album. Both are sought after as rarities.

The album Children of the Sun underwent a renaissance in 2002 as a double CD in a remastered version of the record label Sanctuary. In addition, there were some previously unreleased bonus tracks from Mike and Sally Oldfield.

  • English band
  • Folk Band
  • Duo (Music)