The School of Athens

The School of Athens (Italian: La scuola di Atene ) is a fresco by the painter Raphael, which these 1510-1511 in the Stanza della Segnatura the Vatican (originally the hall for the signature performance in the private rooms of the Pope ) for Pope Julius II anfertigte. The image is part of a cycle, which is next to the " School of Athens", the " Parnassus", the " disputation " ( Explanation of the Sacrament ) and the " cardinal and theological virtues and the law." The title of the image recalls the prominent philosophical school of thought of ancient Greece, epitomized by their precursors, the main representatives and successors. At the center are the philosophers Plato and Aristotle. The fresco glorified in the sense of the Renaissance ancient thought as the origin of European culture, its philosophy and the sciences.

The painting

The image that is created in its greatest width about 7.70 m, shows a central perspective constructed monumental interior in which a meeting of relevant scientists and philosophers of antiquity takes place until the Renaissance. Links to group the platonic, right Aristotelian -oriented thinkers. In the background are the philosophical representatives, in the foreground, scientists, mathematicians and artists. The title, The School of Athens, was first mentioned by Giovanni Pietro Bellori in 1695.

Aristotle, who keeps his ethics in his hand, refers to a horizontal gesture on an ethical organization in the world. Plato, Timaeus the in one hand, the other raised vertically, symbolizing the movement of the material world in a ideational principle.

The fresco opposite is the Disputa del Sacramento, the disputation of the sacrament, also by Raphael. Both images is a summary of ancient and Christian, Aristotelian and Platonic idea of ​​a world. The box for The School of Athens is preserved at the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana in Milan.

The picture is further subject of a tapestry that adorns the front side of the Chamber of the French National Assembly since 1879.

The people shown

The most common assignment of figures to people in the story, some of which are controversial, however:

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  • A section of the image was used as a template for the album covers of the albums Use Your Illusion I and II of the American hard rock band Guns N ' Roses.
  • Likewise, the fresco in the music video of " tessellate " the British alternative pop band Alt- J was shown changed. In contrast to the original are shown here instead of the philosophers "Gangsta ", which are in a similar constellation and attitude to each other.
  • Also for 100 Years of Film by Renato Casaro served the subject as a template, with movie characters are shown here.