The Sentinel (TV series)

The Sentinel - In the Eye of the Hunter is an American television series with four seasons and a total of 65 episodes. She ran in America from 1996 to 1999 UPN and acts of which is equipped with super senses Detective James Ellison.


The U.S. Army Ranger James Ellison loses in the jungles of Peru and his entire unit must survive eighteen months alone. After his rescue he goes to the police in the small American town of Cascade.

Five years later wake up in Ellison strange powers; his five senses are suddenly sharpened beyond measure, he hears, sees, tastes, smells and feels better than any other in its environment. The anthropologist Blair Sandburg from the University Rainer tells him: always there in the tribal associations of antiquity a protector, the " Sentinel", which was equipped with enhanced senses and had the task to protect his community.

Ellison is the sentinel of the city Cascade and struggling with Sandburg and his Captain Simon Banks, who knows his secret as the only other person in respect of the crime.



The Sentinel ended with the third season in a cliffhanger. In an elaborate campaign led the U.S. fans of the series, the UPN to convince turning a fourth, shorter season, which led the open storylines and the entire series to a conclusive end.