The Shadows

The Shadows are a British instrumental rock band - with brief interruptions - for over 50 years is active and had achieved some success, especially in the 1960s.

Band History

In 1958, the band in London under the name The Drifters was founded as a backing band for Cliff Richard. Under pressure from the U.S. band of the same name, they renamed in 1959 into The Shadows. The proposal on this Jet Harris made ​​a game of " Ale and Lime " in the " 2i 's Coffee Bar ", after the four musicians had always been in the "shadow" by Cliff Richard.

The original band members were Hank B. Marvin (guitar), Bruce Welch ( guitar), Jet Harris ( bass) and Tony Meehan (drums). In the early 1960s made ​​Harris and Meehan (successful Title: Diamonds and Scarlett O'Hara ) as a duo on. Brian Bennett took over at the Shadows the drums, and on bass played one after the other Brian " Liquorice " Locking and John Rostill.

In the 1960s she played solo with both Cliff Richard as well. In 1960 it had a great success, which was followed by four more number - one hits with Apache. Apache was one of the most important samples in hip-hop in the 1980s, but in a cover version of the Incredible Bongo band of 1973. Welch In 1968, the group in front of an upcoming tour of Japan. As a substitute - only for the tour - Alan Hawkshaw was engaged, which is often referred to in the literature as the most unknown Shadows member.

1973 there was a reunion. For Rostill, who was still under contract with Tom Jones, the Australian John Farrar (guitar, bass, vocals) joined the band.

John Rostill died on November 26, 1973 by an electric shock. Bruce Welch found him lifeless in his home. In 1975, she participated with Let Me Be The One at the Euro Vision Song Contest and finished second behind Teach-In with Ding- Ding- A- Dong.

In the early 1970s the leaders of the Shadows had another band project under the name of Marvin, Welch & Farrar, the later shrank to Marvin & Farrar.

After the death of Rostill the remaining members Shadows ( Marvin, Welch and Bennett), decided to take for performances and concerts the services of contract musicians to complete. The status as a regular member of the band should not get the musicians. On bass were on the stage with this: Alan Tarney (including 1975 in Paris, Olympia), Alan Jones and Mark Griffiths. Up to and including 2004 Cliff Hall looked at the keyboard instruments, for the 2005 tour ( " Together again for one last time" ) took over Bennett's son Warren the part as a keyboardist.

1990 Marvin left the Shadows. 2001 supported Welch and a friend of Marvin Harris, Roger Field, who wanted to bring together Marvin and the Shadows again. 2004, there was a Farewell Tour and Life Story with a new recording, which appeared together with the old successful titles on CD and on vinyl.

In 2005 she joined with " The Shadows - The Final Tour" from their long and successful career. They played in many major cities around the world, such as Amsterdam, Birmingham, Paris and Dortmund.

To mark the 50th anniversary of the formation toured the Shadows 2009 together with Cliff Richard in Europe and Asia.

Discography (selection)

From: British Hit Singles & Albums, 17th edition (except Life Story ).



This compilation does not include any recordings with Cliff Richard or solo recordings of the band members, nor the footage of Marvin, Welch & Farrar. Recordings that were not listed in the charts are, with ( # - ) listed. (# Guinness British Hit Singles, 10th Edition: November 14, 1952-31 December 1994. )