The Spy Next Door

The Spy Next Door is an American direct-to- DVD - spy - comedy from 2010. Directed by Brian Levant. The main roles were Jackie Chan, Billy Ray Cyrus, Amber Valletta, George Lopez.


The Chinese spy Bob Ho works as stationery representatives camouflaged for the CIA and lives in an American suburb. When Bob fell in love with his neighbor, Gillian, he wants to hang the dangerous job on the nail. The common future are, however, not only Gillian's three children, the adolescent bulls, the computer fond Ian and little Nora in ways that do not want him as a stepfather, but also " super villain " Poldark, the great with the help of a secret formula parts of the global oil reserves wants to destroy. Poldark wants to control the world market price. When Gillian has to go away, Bob takes care of itself in time to their children. The situation gets tough, as he is informed by the CIA staff Colton, Colt ' James about the fact that someone has secretly downloaded from his computer a chemical and very explosive formula, which in turn needs the terrorist Poldark to implement his plan into action. This works really hard to recover formula and then Bob and the children of a variety of agents have to resist.


"Because Billy Ray Cyrus, the family comedy, nobody needs to be considered. His role is minimal. And Jackie Chan fans should " Spy Next Door " to be childish. But tots have here definitely have their fun. "

"Given the holey story can also Action superstar Jackie Chan film does not save. "



  • 2011: Golden Raspberry Awards: nomination for Worst Supporting Actor Billy Ray Cyrus and George Lopez.