The Things That I Used to Do


The Things That I Used to Do is a Blue standard, which was founded in 1953 by Guitar Slim ( Eddie Jones) written and published at Specialty Records. Producer of the single was the young Ray Charles.


The song was one of the biggest hits of Specialty Records, although the owner Art Rupe feared that the piece could only prevail among the rural population of the South, as Guitar Slim was a blues singer. But the song was played by the R & B radio stations of the North also, and he also reached the urban population of the North. The piece was a nationwide hit and stayed a total of 42 weeks on the R & B charts. From 30 January to 13 February 1954, was ranked first helped the success of Guitar Slim to many new performances, among others at the Apollo Theater in New York.


The song was arranged by Ray Charles gospel direction, as Guitar Slim a less adult voice had as many blues singers of the era. Also came this contest the content of the song, which has a more philosophical, religious sentiment. The song of abandonment. Although the singer will never do the things he has done, again ( The things did I used to do, Lord, I will not do no more), his girl leaves him for another man ( .. that what you hit out wit yor other man. ) and so he sends the girl to her mother and goes even back to his family because he can not do anything, what would satisfy you. ('Cause nothing I do that please you, baby Lord, I just can not get along with you. ).

The song was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Blues Hall of Fame Blue Foundation.

Cover versions

From this song, there are many cover versions. Alone on the side of Second Hand Songs 32 versions are listed. The dates refer to the publication.

  • Luther Johnson 1973
  • Big Joe Turner 1977 ( Joe Turner also gave the corresponding album the song title )
  • Lefty Dizz 1979
  • Doug Sahm 1980
  • Albert Collins 1981
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble 1984
  • Muddy Waters 1985
  • Bob Gaddy 1986
  • Jimi Hendrix 1989
  • Clarence Edwards 1990
  • Smokey Wilson 1990
  • Bennie Smith 1993
  • Luther Allison 1994
  • G. Love and Special Sauce 1994
  • Sarasota Slim 1996
  • Guitar Slim Jr. 1996
  • Johnny B. Moore 1997