The Times of India

The Times of India, TOI short, is the largest English daily newspaper in India. It belongs to the company Bennett, Coleman & Co.

Your paid circulation was 2012, more than 7.6 million copies. The newspaper is considered to be conservative.


The newspaper was founded on November 3, 1838 as The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce and has been read by the colonists in the West of British India. The newspaper, which appeared Saturdays and Wednesdays, reported on news from Europe, America and the Indian subcontinent and spread via regular steamships between India and Europe. From 1850 to the paper appeared daily and 1861 received its current name in the paper The Times of India. Towards the end of the 19th century employed the newspaper more than 800 employees. The last British editor was Ivor S. Jehu, who retired in 1950 after the independence of India. The newspaper was then taken over by the industrial family Dalmiyas.

Today, the Times of India, Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. will be published. For this company include other printed materials, such as The Economic Times, Mumbai Mirror, the Navbharat Times ( a daily newspaper in Hindi ) and the Maharashtra Times ( a daily newspaper in Marathi ). Since January 2007, an edition in Kannada, which appears in Bengaluru appears.


The Times of India includes varied from region to supplements, which are titled as Delhi Times, Bombay Times, Lucknow Times, Bangalore Times, Pune Times, and so on. Other regular supplements are devoted to the topics of wellness, career, lifestyle and education.