The Tremeloes

The Tremeloes are a British pop band, who had great success especially in the 1960s.

Were founded in the late 1950s as a backing band Tremeloes Brian Poole. The original members were schoolmates Poole Alan Blakely, Ricky West, David Munden and Alan Howard. In this composition they had as Brian Poole & The Tremeloes 1962-1965 numerous hits, including the number -one hit Do You Love Me, Twist and Shout and Someone Someone who, however, almost exclusively confined to their native England.

After the departure of Brian Poole they got a new singer Chip Hawkes to and made as The Tremeloes on. With a not so rockin ', but something more melodic style, they were able to immediately build on their early successes. The Cat Stevens song Here Comes My Baby was not only a pan-European success, for the first time they were able to land in the United States.

Your biggest and best-known hit to date is Silence Is Golden. The song was originally a B- side of the Four Seasons, but in the version of the Tremeloes it was a smooth number -one hit in the UK and also in Germany and the USA placed at rank 10.

With hits like Even the Bad Times Are Good, My Little Lady, (Call Me) Number One ( a number two hit ) and Me and My Life they were in the second half of the 60 permanent guests in the top 10 of the charts. It intervened in particular Blakely and Hawkes increasingly to the spring and wrote their own hits The last-named two Top 10 hits came from the band members Blakely / Hawkes, all produced by Mike Smith. Derived from the Italian original song Non Illuderti Soon ( Orietta Berti of May 1968 ), they wrote to the tune of Mario Panzeri / Pilat Lorenzo the English text with the title My Little Lady, which was published in September 1968 and penetrated up to # 6. With (Call Me) Number One from October 1969 they had almost with a second place in the jump to number one succeeded. Me And My Life from August 1970 achieved a fourth place in the British charts. With this item the Tremeloes managed successfully the placement as representative of the melodic beat. The album " Master" should cement the success of the single "Me and my life". "Master" was released without the consent of the Tremeloes by their record company, with some unfinished tracks were completed by foreign musicians, which the Tremeloes so angry that they allowed themselves to be carried away in interviews to statements, their previous music is music for morons and only then would they do sophisticated music. Unfortunately, many fans did not follow this change. The follow-up single "Right wheel, left hammer, sham " flopped and in 1971 appeared single " Hello Buddy " marked their final departure from the English charts. A work for the drawer remained their LP " May morning", which should provide the background music for a Jane Birkin movie. The songs were completed, but never released on record. With the temporary departure of West (1972; replaced by Bob Benham from the English group "Jumbo" ), the retirement of Hawkes after car crash (1974) and the departure of Blakely (1975, died 1996) was the time of the original Tremeloes after a previous release of the LP " Shiner " and the singles " Good time band" and a remake of "Someone, someone" in 1975vorbei. In 1976, the band around Dave Munden and Bob Benham nor the LP "Do not let the music the " out. Was Angedacht, under the name "Space" is to get this LP to suggest that here a completely new band is at work, but ultimately this idea was discarded. The single " Be Boppin Boogie / Ascot cowboys " added this LP, which should be the last work of the Tremeloes to 1992.

But when oldies band they tour today still, in part with the support of Brian Poole.