The TV Set

The TV Set is an American film drama from the year 2006. Directed by Jake Kasdan, who also wrote the screenplay.


The screenwriter Mike Klein developed the pilot episode of a TV series, which includes autobiographical elements. In the titled as The Wexler Chronicles series is about a man who overcomes the suicide of his brother. Klein's wife Natalie is pregnant.

It comes to a difference of opinion between the small and the President of the transmitter Lenny to fill the lead role, which then gets the problems preparatory Zach Harper. The program director Richard McCallister promises the author though, that the concept would be maintained, but there are changes.


Frank check wrote in The Hollywood Reporter on 4 May 2006, the " portrait based precision Beobachtetungen " to offer an insider's perspective. However, the film fail in comparison with such predecessors as Network. The " excellent " occupation bein think the " virtuoso " Sigourney Weaver.

Jay Weissberg called the film in the magazine Variety of 10 May 2006 as a mild parody that can not keep the balance between the cartoon and the serious elements ( "mild parody of the process behind tube pilot development, but can not quite balance caricature with more serious side elements " ). The result was " toothless ", with too many repetitions and too little originality. Weaver makes the most of her part; Duchovny plays solid, but colorless.

The lexicon of the International film said: "Bitter bad look behind the scenes of television entertainment operation, is condensed with excellent cast to a knowledgeable media satire. "


The film was shot in Los Angeles - including rotated in Hollywood, Burbank and Pasadena ( California). The world premiere took place on 28 April 2006 at the Tribeca Film Festival, the numerous other film festivals followed. The film played in theaters in the USA an approximately 265 thousand U.S. dollars.