The Undertones

The Undertones is a punk rock band that was founded in 1975 in Derry, Northern Ireland.

Most of the songs were written by John O'Neill, the majority of the remaining songs are from his brother Damian and Michael Bradley. In addition to the guitar-based garage - rock sound gave Feargal Sharkey singer especially with his distinctive tenor of the band their unique character.

The first EP Teenage Kicks ever with four songs on the Good Vibrations label, was discovered by radio DJ John Peel, and the band landed by his support with the title song to their first big hit. Peel called Teenage Kicks even later as his favorite song, and the first line of the song is on his grave stone. The song was played in 2003 by the band Busted at the Brit Awards.

In 1981, the band was seen at the ninth Rockpalast night. The poor sales and the changing musical goals of the band members led in 1983 to the dissolution of the band. Feargal Sharkey began a solo career, the brothers formed the band O'Neill That Petrol Emotion.

In 1999, the band Feargal Sharkey without reunited. The vocals took on Paul McLoone, because Sharkey was not interested. After a tour, the band released a new album, Get What You Need 2003. Followed in 2007 by Dig Yourself Deep.

2013 she was hired as the opening act of the band Die Toten Hosen.



"I can not listen to it now without getting all dewy -eyed. And if I play it on the radio, I have to segue it into the front of another record because i can not speak after I've heard it. "

"I can not listen to me now without getting teary-eyed. And when I play it on the radio, I have to blend it into the beginning of another drive because I can not speak after I've listened to it. "