The Voice (TV series)

The Voice is a talent show concept, which was developed by the Dutch television producer John de Mol. It was first used for The Voice of Holland, the end of 2010 and beginning of 2011 reached in the Netherlands to 54 % ratings in the target groups. The concept was subsequently taken over in many countries worldwide, including followed in the spring of 2011 an American edition, which was broadcast by NBC.


For the first phase of the television program, called " Blind Auditions", more than 100 participants are usually invited. There must the candidates, accompanied by a live band to sing on a stage before an audience. Approximately 40 % to 60 % of all presentations will be shown on TV. The jury members, the singer or the singer initially only hear but not see them because they're sitting in a swivel chair with his back to the stage. You can vote for a candidate by turn to him during his presentation. The candidate comes to the next round if he gets at least one of the four jury votes. Among those jury members who have turned around for him, the candidate chooses his coach for the further rounds. In the blind auditions each of the four coaches to get an equally large group of candidates, it is depending on the country and version from 10 to 18 candidates.

The following is a training phase in which the coaches prepare their candidates called the " Battle Round" second phase. In the Battle Round two candidates of the same coaching group sing a song in a duet. Only one of the two candidates is further decision of the respective coaches. In some versions, the losing candidate are taken from one of the other coaches; want more coaches take the same candidates so selected that his new coach, similar to the blind auditions, itself. In the Battle Round may follow depending on the version of another, "Sing -Off ", " Knockout Round" or " showdown " said phase; in this some or all candidates each coaching group must again recite a song, which every coach determines its participants in the live shows.

In the last phase, the live shows, contact the candidates within their coaching groups against each other and be evaluated by both the coaches and by the television viewers. Representatives of different coaches meet until the finals or the semi-finals. About the victory in the final show decide - depending on the version - either by televoting alone, viewers or there is a combined summary of the number of song downloads of the four finalists and the televoting results.

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