The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal (Short form: The Journal, and WSJ) is an international, English-language daily newspaper, published in New York City. The newspaper regarded as politically conservative is published by the publisher Dow Jones & Company, part of News Corporation Rupert Murdoch since August 2007. The Wall Street Journal is currently the largest circulation newspaper in the United States.


The Wall Street Journal was founded on July 8, 1889 by Charles Dow, Edward Davis Jones and Charles Bergstresser and has since been published without interruption. The newspaper reports mainly on international economic and financial issues, with a focus on the United States. The name refers to Wall Street, a street in the financial district of New York City and seat of the New York Stock Exchange. The newspaper has a total of 35 times won a Pulitzer Prize by the year 2013.

On June 28, 2007, approximately 200 of 700 journalists from the Wall Street Journal did not appear to work, to protest against the takeover bid by media entrepreneur Rupert Murdoch on 2 May 2007. From the 2nd of May, Murdoch negotiations with the owners of the Dow Jones publishing house. While initially faced the very generous bid of $ 60 per share skeptical, the members of the Bancroft family ultimately agreed to a sale of its majority stake. So far, the Bancroft family holds 60 percent of the WSJ shares. The agreement with the media magnate Rupert Murdoch from 1 August 2007, the newspaper publisher was the property of Murdoch's media conglomerate News Corporation for a purchase price of approximately $ 5 billion. According to publisher L. Gordon Crovitz Murdoch is said to have promised not to want to shake the extensive editorial freedoms of the sheet. Commentators, however, have expressed doubts about the independence of the newspaper against Murdoch Group since then.

Circulation and readership

The average circulation is about 2.1 million copies, including online subscriptions (as of 2010). The years with the highest circulation newspaper in the United States lost in the meantime its leader position on the newspaper market of USA Today, however, the competitors could overtake again at the launch in autumn 2009.

According to reports the British newspaper The Guardian, The Wall Street Jornal has driven up artificially with unclean methods its circulation figure.

The WSJ is the only newspaper in the U.S., which spread their content on the Internet almost exclusively with costs. Currently, the newspaper has been around a million online subscribers, who pay for their access annually $ 75. The new majority owner Rupert Murdoch had initially indicated to make the online version of the future freely accessible and finance on ads, but later wanted to offer certain categories continue paying fee.

The Wall Street Journal is official journal of the U.S. stock exchanges.

The readers of the Wall Street Journal are among 60 % of senior management, have an average income of $ 191,000, an average net assets in the budget of 2.1 million U.S. dollars and are 55 years old on average.

German online edition

Since January 10, 2012, the Wall Street Journal is also published in a German edition; However, exclusively online. The messages are written by the journalists of the German Dow Jones offshoot and processed by a small WSJ editorial office in Frankfurt am Main. The complete issue can only be obtained as a payment subscription.

Profile and political orientation

The Wall Street Journal is a conservative, liberal newspaper that never actually makes a recommendation to vote, but rather the Republican Party-affiliated. Thus, the newspaper supported the line of the Bush administration in the war on terror and has published comments, among other things, in which the treatment of the inmates of the Guantanamo detention was justified. In the controversy over global warming, the sheet is also close to the Republicans and often leaves people a chance to speak, who deny man-made climate change.


As a special feature among the major newspapers, the Wall Street Journal used instead of photos, a drawing technique that Hedcut is called. These are artistic drawings, composed of points yield an image (see the up in the 1890s common technique of wood engraving ).

Substantive parts

The Wall Street Journal has 96 pages on average and is divided into several substantive parts:

  • Section One: includes company news, and political and economic reports
  • Market Place ( since 23 June 1980): covers the topics of health, technology, mass media and marketing
  • Money and Investing (since 3 October 1988 ): contains analysis on the international financial markets
  • Personal Journal ( appears Tuesdays to Thursdays since 9 April 2002): This part contains information about investments, careers and cultural
  • Weekend Journal ( appears on Fridays since 20 March 1998): the weekend supplement contains, for example, the areas of real estate, travel and sports

The newspaper is published in Asia as The Asian Wall Street Journal and in Europe as The Wall Street Journal Europe and works among others, the German Handelsblatt together.