The Way We Walk, Volume Two: The Longs


The Way We Walk Vol 2: The Longs

The Way We Walk (English for: "The way we run " ) is a live album by British rock band Genesis. The album contains photographs of the We Can not Dance tour in 1992. It consists of two CDs independently published. In December 1992, the first part was titled The Way We Walk, Vol 1 ( The Shorts ) published and contained the shorter hit singles from the repertoire of the three albums Genesis, Invisible Touch and We Can not Dance. A month later, the second part as The Way We Walk, Vol 2 ( The Longs ) published and contained longer pieces from the last studio album of the band, a drum solo of Phil Collins and Chester Thompson (Drum Duet ) and a 20 - minute medley ( the Old Medley) from older pieces of the progressive era of the band in the 1970s.


From fans publication in two parts is criticized because in Genesis concerts always long and shorter pieces were combined. In the two sub- albums separation therefore acts artificially on the length of the songs and the atmosphere of the concerts are not properly again.

The title of the album, The Way We Walk, is a quote from two Genesis songs: Similar formulations are used both in the album I Can not Dance We Can not Dance before ( "Only thing about me is the way I walk" ), and in the first commercially successful single Genesis I Know What I Like from the album Selling England by The Pound ( "you can tell me by the way I walk ").

2001, the video recordings of the concert in London of the 1992 tour were published in a two - DVD set. The DVD is titled The Way We Walk.

Title list

The Way We Walk, Vol 1 ( The Shorts )

The Way We Walk, Vol 2 ( The Longs )

Video version

Already in March 1993 under the title The Way We Walk: a concert film about the tour publishes Live in Concert, the first time in 2001 as a double - DVD was released with surround sound and different camera angles as well as various bonus material.


  • Tony Banks - keyboards, backing vocals
  • Phil Collins - drums, vocals
  • Mike Rutherford - guitar, bass, backing vocals
  • Chester Thompson - drums


  • Producer: Genesis, Nick Davis and Robert Colby
  • Engineering: Nick Davis, Robert Colby, Geoff Callingham
  • Photography: Louis Lee, Cesar Vera and Max Kohr
  • Cover design: Genesis and Icon

Chart positions

  • The Way We Walk, Vol 1 ( The Shorts ) - No. 35, 1992, U.S. pop albums
  • The Way We Walk, Vol 2 ( The Longs ) - No. 20, 1993, U.S. pop albums