The West Pole


  • Silje Wergeland: Voice, Piano
  • René Rutten: Guitar
  • Marjolein Kooijman: Bass
  • Frank Boeijen: Keyboard
  • Hans Rutten: drums

The West Pole is the ninth studio album by the Dutch band The Gathering. It appeared in 2009 at the band's own label Psychonaut Records.

Creation and publication

Home After many years of singer Anneke van Giersbergen left in the summer of 2007 the band. The Gathering announced in early 2009 a new album and gave only a month later announced that the Norwegian Silje Wergeland is new singer. With Marcela Bovio ( Stream of Passion) and Anne van den Hoogen as guest vocalists The West Pole was recorded. René Rutten and Zlaya Hadzich and mixed -mastered the album.

Title list


Hans Rutten announced The West Pole as " lively, atmospheric and extroverted " Rock album, which is typical for The Gathering, but also some new style elements contained. References to earlier albums like Mandylion or How to Measure a Planet? are noticeable .. In the foreground is usually Wergelands singing, which is similar to the van Bergen's greed. Many pieces on the album are instrumented quiet and partly sparse, the mood is melancholic.


The press reaction to the album fell from mixed and often focused the new singer. Michael Edele of verdict: " Although Silje has a warm, pleasant voice, which so far as fits very well to the songs [ ... ]. However, I would venture to say that it lacks both the volume, and the incomparable charisma of its predecessor. "He also criticizes the" sometimes only partially exciting songs ". Boris Kaiser will take place from Rock Hard, " the mix of alternative and post-rock sounds in 2009 no longer progressive and exciting as it did ten years ago, but somehow a little dusty " Kristian Selm of the Baby Blue Pages concludes, however, that " the claim and the expectations of course, are quite high, but maybe the Gathering are just still in the discovery process, as it is now to really go on. All in all a solid, good disc, which can be flashed in moments that in this band still burns enough fire. "