The World of Don Camillo

None of the skin such as Don Camillo is an Italian film from 1983 directed by and starring Terence Hill. The plot of the film is based on the stories of Don Camillo by Guareschi Giovannino and is a remake of this resulted cinema series from the 1950s and 1960s, with remote Andel.


In a small village in the Po Valley and the local priest Don Camillo follows the course of time: He drives a Motocrossrad and even performs a wedding ceremony skydiving. But not everything is changing. The skirmish between Camillo and the communist mayor, Giuseppe Bottazzi, called " Peppone " run like a red thread through the plot and varied make up. Time after time, the clergy quarrel with Mayor Peppone - although both are actually the same shock and can not live without the other. No sooner is the first trouble warped, threatens new Affliction, as Peppone wants to use to build a local leisure home for a large-scale propaganda campaign against the Church, against the will of Don Camillo. Only reluctantly blesses Don Camillo the foundation, as Peppone learns of the birth of his wife. Now Peppone want his newly born son baptized in the name of Lenin, which Camillo refuses angry. Thus, both are forced to discharge the matter by fist fight.

Symbolic of their feud are the regular football matches in the village, where everyone sends a team to the field and more reminiscent of brawls. For Peppone impresses even the referee whistles the traditional football match in his favor. Camillo's unorthodox approach has met with his bishop, however mad at, the sooner rather than later would put him criminal and threatens him this repeatedly. With a win over the Peppone Scopaturnier the village of Don Camillo can halt the rise of communism temporarily. But in the subsequent dialogue with God, he admits to have cheated and brings the matter with another honest game again to terms.

Finally, he gets a great opportunity to get back at Peppone. This has bought a lottery ticket under a false name and it pulled the jackpot. Since it is Peppone as communist mayor but prohibited from owning such an enormous sum of money, he sends out his only " friend " Don Camillo to take the money in reception. Camillo does this, but then refuses to give it to the mayor - also because Peppone has made ​​an error in the specified alias name. Finally, however, he receives his prize - even if only partially, since Camillo retains a portion as a church donation in exchange for his silence.

By the way, Don Camillo care but also to the other concerns of his " flock ". He can roller-skate the Pauper Lilly with her girlfriends in the nave, because the surrounding roads are too dangerous. Especially it but it is a small child of divorce Magrino done, although it only invents jokes, but a good heart. As Camillo helps that his family closer again, it helps not only them, but also himself and his own salvation.

Finally, the film ends in another football game, in which use both Camillo and Peppone illegally professionals. Finally, both engage themselves with the game and solve this case a mass brawl involving all stakeholders from. As a consequence of the Bishop makes his initial threat true and displaced Camillo in a remote mountain village. With his departure, but he must then find that the community is firmly behind him. Both the villagers and nemesis Peppone Camillo wish good luck and promise him to want to stand up for his return.


" Remake of the famous saga of Don Camillo, those two armed taps from the Po Valley, which make in a love-hate relationship with their fundamentally different worldviews each other a hard time. A coarse-mesh garish film - Don Camillo is now driving roller skate and even tried to perform a wedding ceremony as a paratrooper -. , Not convincing in all respects, as undemanding entertainment but acceptable "


  • In contrast to the original films this film was made in the province of Mantua. The small town Pomponesco made ​​it the setting for the place in which the action takes place. All indoor shooting (especially in church ), however, found in the Cinecittà studios in Rome. The original films were made in Brescello Reggio Emilia Province
  • The film is dedicated to Giuseppe Colizzi, who turned with Hill and Bud Spencer several of their most successful films as an ensemble and which died five years earlier.
  • Almost the entire family of Terence Hill worked on the strip. He acts as lead actor, director and producer, wife Lori wrote the screenplay, son Jess works as a stuntman with 1990 and his deceased adoptive son Ross plays the rascals Magrino. In addition, Sal Borgese was responsible as a stunt coordinator. Borgese has worked as such as well as a henchman in a number of films on the side of Terence Hill and Bud Spencer.
  • Cyril Cusack and Terence Hill have already been a few years earlier in a movie together in front of the camera. In two sky dogs on the road to hell he played the old gem prospectors Matto.
  • The professionals employed in the final game is known at the time Italian soccer star. For kicks Camillo Roberto Boninsegna while Peppone is not incurring the trio Carlo Ancelotti, Roberto Pruzzo and Luciano Spinosi.
  • According to original plans, Tomás Milián should play the role of Peppone, but got out of the project before filming began.