Theaterhaus Stuttgart

The Stuttgart Theater is a theater and venue in the north of Stuttgart, in the district of Feuerbach near the Pragsattel. Visit per year more than 300,000 visitors nearly 1,000 events in the theater house; around 150 of these dates are free admission. Thus, the theater house is the most visited house of its kind in Germany. In addition to the performances of its two ensembles for dance and drama, there are guest appearances with artists from the fields of comedy, cabaret, pop and rock music, readings, jazz, classical and new music.


The nonprofit organization Theatre Stuttgart eV was founded in 1984 by Werner and Gudrun Schretzmeier and Peter Grohmann in the cheek area in the rooms of an abandoned glass factory. The game began operation on 29 March 1985. Responded to the ever growing range of cultural events and the associated increase in viewership was driven by the move to the Rhine Steel Buildings near Stuttgart Pragsattel statement 2003. For this purpose, the listed building was converted into a cultural and sports center. The 12,500 m² site recently served the company Thyssen Final Assembly for structural steel.

The house offers four meeting halls and additional rentable rooms with a total capacity of nearly 2000 seats. In addition to the performance halls, the building houses rehearsal rooms, workshops, a restaurant, office space and a two-story foyer. The artistic program is complemented by an athletics program, for which a separate sports hall is available.

In 2007, Eric Gauthier Compagnie Gauthier Dance. She had 2008 with Six Pack premiere at the theater house. Since then, Gauthier Dance resides here as solid Compagnie.


The nonprofit organization is supported by around 350 members (as of 2009 ). The General Assembly elects the Board and the Executive Board, who in turn appoints the Management. The Board may also appoint board members. In support of the so-called carrier Association of Friends of Stuttgart Theater exist eV, whose statutory purpose is the comprehensive promotion of education, art and culture Pragsattel.

The area of ​​the Rhine Steel Buildings is maintained by the Foundation Stuttgart Theater, which land and buildings rented in a long-term, owner similar ratio of the city of Stuttgart. In addition to the Stuttgart Theater of the club music of the centuries eV, the work community youth leisure centers AGJF and LJR Baden- Württemberg are housed in the area. The organs of the Foundation Board of Directors, Board of Trustees and Board of Trustees.


Since its inception, the house is dependent on a high level of self -financing ratio. Currently, the own revenues represent approximately 70 percent of the budget. Public funding is shared between the State of Baden -Württemberg and the city of Stuttgart and currently makes 24 percent of its annual budget from.

The total budget was in 2012 at 7.9 million euros. In comparison, the Stuttgart Theater is one of the largest cultural centers of its kind in Europe, with its daily program schedules " a novelty in the European cultural landscape ," said one created in 2007 study on European cultural centers.