Theme Park (video game)

Theme Park (English for theme park ) is a computer game published in 1994, which belongs to the genre of business simulations. The game was developed by Peter Molyneux and his company Bullfrog Productions. The aim of the game is to build an amusement park, to equip these with new and exciting attractions and thereby to attract as many visitors in order to achieve maximum benefits.

There are numerous detailed settings options, so you could, for example, the salt content of French fries increased in order to increase beverage sales.

The game was originally intended to be the prelude to a "Theme " series, from which to this day the only hospital Simulation Theme Hospital has been published. In this game, as well as at the two theme - park - successors Theme Park World (1999) and Theme Park Manager ( 2002) Peter Molyneux was no longer involved.

Theme Park established the subgenre of the theme park simulations, which was made ​​very popular by the games RollerCoaster Tycoon series.

On 22 March 2007 an implementation for the Nintendo DS was released.