• Michel Piccoli: Themroc
  • Jeanne Herviale: Themroc mother
  • Béatrice Romand: Themroc sister
  • Francesca Romana Coluzzi: neighbor
  • Marilù Tolo: secretary
  • Patrick Dewaere: Maurer
  • Miou Miou -: Young neighbor
  • Coluche: Young neighbor / workers / Flic

Themroc is one arising under the direction of Claude Faraldo French movie from the year 1973.


Every day the same routine: Bad mood to get up, his bike to Metro, surrounded by crowds by metro to work and there a dull job. After being chewed out by his boss, the painter Themroc finally patience is wearing thin. He supported the door of his Paris apartment to split with a sledgehammer the outer wall, the clothes from his body drags, furniture throws on the road and begins its next phase of life as a cannibalistic cave man for whom even incest with his own sister no longer taboo is.

It does not take long before his example on becoming more numerous residents of the surrounding apartment blocks rubs off. In no time at all yawning holes in the walls, and an instinctive anarchism lived. Sometime moves because of this situation to the police. However, even state violence and tear gas to the goings unable to control. Two police officers land on a spit and then eaten. Finally, moans and grunts everywhere in Paris.

Even before a single word was articulated already been spoken. Instead, only sounds had been heard, vaguely reminiscent of the French language.

Reception and reviews

After its publication Themroc is rapidly risen from tip to an audience success in cinemas. This can be explained with the Zeitgeist of audience members, which was influenced by the political ideas in the wake of the '68 movement (see also leftism and Sponti ). This included a certain sympathy for actions that were directed against the state and against the power of the employers.

" One in details with a satirical bite observed, as a whole, but rather suggested playful comedy that wants to shock their anarchist vision too far and too simple in the realms of fantasy and raptured at any price. "

" Michel Piccolli growls, screams, roars, grunts, snarls and growls admirably by the wordless film and radically destroyed his socialite - image."