Theobald Schrems

Theobald Schrems ( born February 17, 1893 in Mitterteich, † November 15, 1963 in Regensburg ) was a co-founder of the music school of the cathedral choir.


Theobald Schrems attended the Episcopal Knabenseminarstraße Obermünster and the seminary in Regensburg and was ordained priest on 29 June 1917. After his three years of service as a cooperator in 1920, he held the post of prefect and music teacher at the junior seminary in Regensburg, where he set up a choir. From 1924 until his death in 1963, he was Director of Music at the Regensburg Cathedral. He put Carl Thiel 1925-1928 the state examination for school and church music from. By creating a new organizational structure, the high school, boarding school and choir united under one roof, he created with the cathedral choir consisting of a boys and young men choir, which still enjoys worldwide fame.

During the period of National Socialism, the Cathedral Choir under Theobald Schrems, who was from the beginning under the patronage of Chancellor Adolf Hitler was famous. In June 1933, he appeared on the NSDAP Gautag in Regensburg and in October of the same year before Hitler. This performance was due to the initiative of choral conductor Schrems, five more followed. As Carl Thiel also took Schrems 1933 a guiding function in the Reich Music Chamber, the local loop of the Bavarian cartel of musicianship. From the establishment of the 1936 ready- planned and largely financed by Hitler Music School under the Head of Schrems was nothing. Such was later adopted and implemented in 1948. The supported from Schrems Professor title goes to a complacency Adolf Hitler, for the birthday of " leader" of 20 April 1937 back. The historian Helmut Holder emphasizes opportunism, vanity, and the initiative of Schrems in the " role of the cathedral choir as an instrument of foreign cultural policy of the Nazi Propaganda Ministry ."

Theobald Schrems was made ​​an honorary citizen of Regensburg in 1963. He received the Bavarian Order of Merit in 1959. Mitterteich In Regensburg and streets are named after musicians. Mitterteich honors the famous son in addition to the naming of Theobald Schrems - Primary School, whose grounds also a bust of Theobald Schrems is.

The church musician Franz Lehrndorfer, a longtime employee of Schrems, composed in his honor, the Missa in memoriam Theobald Schrems for four-part male choir. The premiere took place on 9 November 2008, the choir of the former cathedral choir held in the Regensburg Cathedral.


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