Theodor Kolde

Theodor Ritter von Kolde ( born May 6, 1850 in Friedland ( Upper Silesia ), † October 21, 1913 in Erlangen ) was a Protestant church historian and Luther researchers. He was knighted in 1910 by the King of Bavaria and was Privy Councillor.


Kolde was the son of the pastor Carl Kolde and attended high school in oil. He studied at the universities of Breslau and Leipzig, among others, Hermann Reuter. He devoted his scientific work, especially the history of the Reformation, he earned his doctorate at the University of Halle on the life of the Chancellor Gregor Brück and habilitated in 1876 at the University of Marburg on Martin Luther's views on church and council.

Famous are his works of Johann von Staupitz and the so-called Analecta Lutherana. He accompanied the Weimar Luther output extremely critical. From 1884 to 1893 he worked out a two -volume biography of Luther. In 1880, he was Professor of Historical Theology at the University of Erlangen. Here he taught alongside the Reformation history and missiology.

He was the initiator of the Bavarian church history research, established to a club and gave herein from 1895 contributions to the Bavarian church history out. In addition, he wrote, inter alia, Biography some articles for General German Biography, published by the Historical Commission at the Bavarian Academy of Sciences. He was rector of the University of Erlangen and a longtime member whose management committee.

Theodor Kolde married an Englishwoman Anna Piper from Ledbury ( Herefordshire ) in 1881 in Hamburg. The marriage produced four sons and three daughters were born. Theodor Kolde was the cousin of the architect Max Kolde.


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