Theodor von Scheve

Theodor von Scheve ( born June 11, 1851 in Cosel, Upper Silesia, † April 19, 1922 in Patschkau, Upper Silesia ) was a German chess master.

From Scheve, who was rather late for chess, " the chess world, where perhaps only unexampled spectacle of a good player is still developing in mature manhood, to the real master " has by Tarrasch assessment. He took in the years 1887-1911 with some notable successes in many international tournaments. Among other things, he was fourth in Leipzig in 1888 and third in Monte Carlo in 1901.

His best historical Elo rating was 2669th This was calculated in January 1902.

From Scheve published a remarkable essay chess - philosophical thought: The spirit of chess, Berlin, 1919.