Theodora (11th century)

Theodora III. (Greek Θεοδώρα; * to 985; † August 31, 1056 in Byzantium ) was Empress of Byzantium.

Theodora was the daughter of the Emperor Constantine VIII of the Byzantine Empire and the younger sister of Empress Zoë. In 1032 she was forced by this to retreat to the monastery. On April 21, 1042 we raised them in the course of a popular movement to Mitkaiserin. But on June 11, their emperors shaft was finished, when her sister Zoë in third marriage with Emperor Constantine IX. wed from Byzantium.

After his death, Theodora came more than seventy year for the second time to the imperial throne and reigned from 11 January 1055 to her death in August 1056. Shortly before the appointed childless Theodora to not originating from their family of Michael VI. so that with her ​​death, the Macedonian dynasty went to her successor at the end.