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Theta (Greek neuter Θήτα, Θ majuscule, minuscule θ or θ ) is the eighth letter of the Greek alphabet and has after the Milesian principle a numerical value of 9

Modern Greek is called the letter Thíta and is pronounced as a sharp English th.


  • In Physics is the small Theta θ, the sign of temperature, in which case often the second variant of the small Thetas used θ.
  • Is the small Theta θ, the sign of the angle of rotation
  • Is the great Theta Θ the sign of magnetic flux, and for the moment of inertia.
  • The contact angle at the phase boundaries.
  • In astronomy is the great Theta ( Θ ) the sign of the sidereal time - as well as in geodesy
  • Is the small theta ( θ ) is usually the seventh - up neunthellste star in each constellation
  • The reference number of two meteor streams ( theta Centauriden and theta Ophiuchiden ) to describe in this great constellations, the location of radians in more detail.
  • In meteorology Theta is the small character of the potential temperature.
  • In mathematics is the small theta is the coordinate of the polar angle in spherical coordinates.
  • Is the small theta the sign of the angle of a surface.
  • Is the big theta of the Landau symbols.
  • Are called theta function enabled.
  • Is the small theta the name of an unknown parameter of a probability distribution, the big theta of the parameter space.
  • In financial mathematics For warrants this ratio measures the time decay of an option. The Theta indicates how much a warrant, if all other factors being equal ( ceteris paribus ), lose value in a given period. In practice, about the percentage decay per week is compared.
  • In neurology / neuropsychology indicates the small theta θ a certain frequency in the electroencephalogram (EEG).
  • In the economics refers to the small theta the reserve ratio, the financial institution must hold due to legal basics.
  • In population genetics called the little genetic differentiation between populations, the theta (analogous to Wright's FST).
  • In soil science refers to the large theta the volumetric water content.
  • In the Geography Theta is the name of a hamlet of Bindlach at Bayreuth.
  • In geodesy is the small theta ( θ ) the total amount of deflection of the vertical


  • Thales of Miletus ( Θαλῆς )