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Theth ( Albanian: Thethi ) is a village in the municipality of Shala in the Albanian Alps. It is in the highest part of the Trogtals the Shala River, surrounded by several high two-thousand, including the Radohima ( 2568 m above sea level. A. ) to the west, the Arapi ( 2217 m above sea level. A. ) in the north and the Maja e Popllukës ( 2578 m above sea level. A. ) and situated behind Jezerca ( 2694 m above sea level. A. ) to the east.

Theth is approximately 750 to 950 m above sea level. A. Located scattered settlement stretches along the valley for several kilometers. It consists of the settlements Okol, Gjecaj, Nik Gjonaj, Gjelaj, Ndreaj, Kola, Unaj and Grunas, some of which lie on the steep slopes. The place is in winter often cut off for weeks or even months of the environment or accessible only on foot in arduous hikes through the snow. The unpaved road over the 1,630 m high Terthorja Pass is snowy until late spring. The road south to Kir valley is even worse and barely passable.

Because of poor infrastructure and lack of economic prospects, most residents have left the place. Today, very few houses are only occupied. Estimated around 80 people live year-round in the resort. Schools or medical facilities will be closed.

With the help of GTZ but tourist accommodation were built in various private houses, expanded trails and marks as well as set up signposts and orientation maps. 2010 were in private accommodation of 130 beds available - 100 more than in 2007, this small hotel has re-opened and more and more cafes and accommodation incurred. . The journey is indeed still difficult, but not quite as long as in previous years, so that at least come in summer, more and more tourists to Theth. In the period 2006 to 2009 the number of tourists from around 300 rose to 7500 per year - compared to the rest Albania there are mainly foreign travelers. From tourism to the inhabitants of Theth revenue of an estimated € 150,000 are adults.

2,630 acres around the village were declared in 1966 to the National Park Theth.

Oldest human settlement traces in the upper Shala Valley date from the Paleolithic. The valley was inhabited by Illyrians. A first written record dates from the year 1688. A first church was built in 1892. 1936, a road to Theth and a hotel was opened in the town. For the communist era still followed by a workers holiday home. The late 1980s, around 7000 people lived in Theth.