Thiene is a town with 23 377 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012) in the province of Vicenza. The site covers an area of 19.7 km ², a population density of 1098 inhab. / Km ². It is located about 22 km north of Vicenza.

To Thiene includes the fractions Borgo Lampertico, Rozzampia and Santo. The neighboring community are Malo, Marano Vicentino, Sarcedo, Villaverla, Zanè and Zugliano.

Since 2007, the seat of the European Centre for craftsmen in the monument.


Thiene is located on the A31 motorway to Vicenza. In the fraction Rozzampia is an airfield for general aviation ..

Famous personalities from Thiene

  • Francesco Stella ( born 1943 ) is an architect who won the architectural competition for the Humboldt - Forum ( Berlin City Palace ).
  • Davide Rigon ( born 1986 ), Italian racing driver