Thievery Corporation

Thievery Corporation is a music group founded in 1996, consisting of Rob Garza and Eric musicians Hilton. Their music is a blend of downbeat, lounge and nu - jazz sounds with elements of bossa nova, Jamaican dub and reggae.


Eric Hilton and Rob Garza met in 1996 at the Club Eighteenth Street Lounge in Washington, DC know who had recently been opened by Hilton and Farid Nouri. Garza and Hilton began even to mix different sounds of dub, bossa nova and oriental music, which they mostly played in the Eighteenth Street Lounge. From this collaboration, the DJ duo Thievery Corporation and their own record label Eighteenth Street Lounge Music was created in the same year.

Two years later appeared in 1997, the singles Shaolin Satellite and 2001: A Spliff Odyssey, as well as their debut album, Sounds from the Thievery Hi-Fi. The latter appeared in the U.S. and 1998 in the European version, in 2006 was followed by a re-release. As a guest musician among other things, the jazz singer Pam Bricker and the Brazilian musician Gilberto Bebel can be heard on the album.

After extensive touring published Thievery Corporation 2000, her second studio album The Mirror Conspiracy, like all previous albums, also the own label Eighteenth Street Lounge. The song Lebanese Blonde was used for Zach Braff's 2004 film Garden State.

In 2002 he released The Richest Man in Babylon, the sound inspired by their previous album, and also relies on many guest musicians, including Pam Bricker, Emilíana Torrini and the Jamaican rapper Notch.

Published in 2005, Eric Hilton and Rob Garza The Cosmic Game. A year later, she released her first remix album version. The subsequent tour was photographed by guitarist of the band Rob Myers and marketed as an online photo book under the name of Thievery Corporation 2006.

2008 Radio Retaliation came on the market and re-engage on many guest musicians. The album was nominated for a Grammy in the Best Recording Package category. Was released in 2010 It Takes a Thief, a best-of album of the band from the studio albums of recent years. My sixth and so far last studio album Culture of Fear was published in June 2011 Among other guest musicians borrowed Shana Halligan of Bitter:. Sweet her voice for the title Is It Over?.