Third Avenue Bridge (Minneapolis)

44.983333333333 - 93.258888888889Koordinaten: 44 ° 59 '0 "N, 93 ° 15 ' 32 " W


Mississippi River

The Third Avenue Bridge, originally St. Anthony Falls Bridge, is a landmark of downtown Minneapolis in the U.S. state of Minnesota. She leads the Minnesota State Route 65 at the upper levels of the Saint Anthony Falls on the Mississippi River.

The 667.6 -meter-long arch bridge consists of five arches with a span of 64 m, two arches with a span of 41 meters, as well as bridge spans both ends. It connects the Third Avenue in downtown Minneapolis with the Central Avenue on the north side of the river. The S-shaped route across the Mississippi River to avoid breaks in the limestone of the river bed, which might be caused under the weight of the pillars.

The bridge was designed by Frederick W. Cappelen, city engineer from Minneapolis, who also plans for other bridges such as created for the Franklin Avenue Bridge. Construction began in 1917, the release for the transport takes place a year later. The construction costs at that time amounted to 690,000 U.S. dollars.

The building was later modified and overhauled 1979/1980. It belongs to the Contributing Properties in the Saint Anthony Falls Historic District.


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