Third-party beneficiary

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A third-party ( an actually false but widespread translation of the English Third - Party Vendor) or third-party is a company that provides network products or spare parts offers for products and product families, without belonging to the provider of the Product (" first party " ) or commissioned by him to be ( "secondary provider "). The manufacturer is appropriately named third party ( third-party manufacturer) or other vendor. The terms are often used interchangeably, since the manufacturer in wholesale also usually acts as a supplier.

In marketing, the terms are widely used, for example, provider of replacement car parts and accessories (such as floor mats ), consumer electronics (such as chargers ), telephone companies, and more.

Third party with computer games

The term spread among other things, video games and computer games ( in this context, more third-party developers, English for " third party developers "). In the video game industry, it is common that foreign companies are allowed to distribute products for the platforms (for example Playstation or Wii) the so-called initial manufacturer (see also Video Game Crash ). While in the early days of video games the most important game titles even came from the manufacturers of the platforms themselves, the importance of third-party has always increased. Today, the initial manufacturer fight ( currently only Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft) often exclusive rights to certain game titles or rows of the third parties so that they appear only on their respective console.


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