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Thisted is the capital of the Danish municipality Thisted on the north bank of the Limfjord. The name is theophor and refers to the Germanic god Tyr.

Prior to the municipal reform of 2007, the municipality belonged to the commune office Viborg, then to North Jutland. Thisted was merged with the neighboring municipalities Hanstholm and Sydthy. The thus created municipality comprises of 1101.65 km ², almost the entire landscape Thy. With the name of Thy municipality, the proposed the two border communities, the larger community Thisted did not agree and the new community thus continues to bear the name of Thisted. In the village live 13 067 inhabitants in the municipality of 44 494 (as of 1 January 2013).

Development of the population

The population figures refer to the municipality each of January 1:

Significantly, the trade in agricultural products. Thisted is at the northern edge of a railway from Struer. In this area in 1971 parts of the film were The Olsen gang goes turned to Jutland. 2006 The Olsen Gang event took place in the region, was invited among others Morten Grunwald.

Places in the Municipality of Thisted

  • Vestervig
  • Thisted
  • Thy
  • Dog Borg
  • Hurup
  • Sjørring
  • Stenbjerg
  • Sundby (Thy )
  • Vilsund
  • Sennels
  • Nors
  • Østerild
  • Vesløs
  • Hanstholm
  • Frøstrup

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Thomas Bruhn, handball player
  • Malthe Conrad Bruun, Revolutionary, geographer
  • Jesper Grønkjær, football player
  • Bent Haller, writer
  • Jens Peter Jacobsen, writer
  • Heine Jensen, handball coach
  • Christen Kold, educator, founder of the folk high school movement
  • Bent Larsen, Chess Grandmaster
  • Helmer Rosting, diplomat
  • Jørn Sloth, correspondence chess world champion
  • Johan Skjoldborg, poets, writers
  • Hans Christian Sun, Propst, founder of the first Danish co-operative society (today Superbrugsen, Torvegade )