Thomas Allan

Thomas Allan ( born July 17, 1777 Edinburgh, † September 12, 1833 in Linden Hall, Longhorsley, Northumberland ) was a Scottish mineralogist, banker and newspaper publisher. During his lifetime (1810 ) was the allanite, a discovered by him mineral, named after him.

Already in his youth, Allan began to be interested in mineralogy and created through his collection over the years an impressive collection of minerals. His son, Robert Allan (1806-1863), via suitable after his father's death this collection to the Natural History Museum; there it is - combined with that of Robert Greg - still visible today.

Allan died nine weeks after his 56th birthday on September 12, 1833 in Longhorsley, Northumberland, where he found his final resting place.


1810 called the Scottish chemist Thomas Thomson in honor of Allan the mineral allanite to that name.