Thomas D

Thomas D, actually Thomas Dürr ( born December 30, 1968 in Ditzingen ), is a member of German hip - hop group The Fantastic Four. But he also occurs on solo.


Thomas Dürr made ​​after his high-school diploma training as a hairdresser. When he occasionally worked as a janitor, he gave himself the stage name caretaker Thomas D. He is married, has a daughter (* 2003) and a son.

Thomas D is a vegetarian or vegan since 2013 and supported the animal rights organization PETA. When he endorsed the controversial " Holocaust comparison ," he came in for criticism in 2003.

Around Christmas 2004, Thomas D was with his family in Thailand's Khao Lak area, when the devastating earthquake occurred in the Indian Ocean and a tsunami triggered. "We were rinsed three miles inland and survived, that is a miracle ," said Thomas D, four years after the disaster. He and his family survived the wave practically uninjured. The fact that he almost became a victim of the tsunami, he published in 2008 in connection with his third solo album " sign D ", on which the song is "To all bereaved " to find.

In the Echo Awards 2005, he was at the after show party after the ceremony and the echo, with the Fantastic Four were awarded to his colleagues Sido on.

Today he lives with his family and several other musicians in the MARS ( "Modern Institute Rigorous Spakker "), a rural commune near Daun in the Eifel, where be lived " a peaceful, spiritually oriented, artistic, spontaneous and vegetarian healthy lifestyle " should. The MARS Inhabitants there, among other things his own music label, Haus Erika Productions.

In the spring of 2005, he was the mentor of rap project Young poets and thinkers.

In December 2008, Thomas D stepped up to Smudo as advertising partner for World of Warcraft in appearance.

In the summer of 2010, he sought on behalf of Deutsche Telekom singer for his new song. In mid-November of this appeared under the title 7 Seconds.

2011 was Thomas D Jury President of the show Unser Star für Baku, a talent show for the election of the German participant for the Euro Vision Song Contest in 2012.

2013 Order of Merit of the State of Baden -Württemberg, the highest award of the state, for its commitment to the welfare and against racism, he was awarded.


Thomas D is a member of the successful German hip-hop and rap band The Fantastic Four, besides he could as a solo artist under the stage name Thomas D with his solo albums (1997) and achieved success lessons in humility ( 2001). Among his most popular pieces are tailwind, hairdresser, Love Letter and solo ( with Nina Hagen ) and the sung together with Franka Potente Wish piece from the film Run Lola Run. His solo releases are known for profound lyrics with philosophical content. He also tried his hand at a rap of several poems of Schiller and Goethe.

In addition to the Fantastic Four was Thomas D also vocalist and lyricist of the band Son Goku, with the song all came into the charts for everyone from the album Crash Course 2002.

On 12 September 2008 released as the first single from the new album he released in August Get On Board Thomas D his third solo album marks D.. The second single Poisoned in sleep, The Day the Earth Stood Still use found in the credits of the movie, was released on 5 December 2008. Shortly thereafter, Thomas D began with his " sign D Tour 2008". The tour was continued on May 22, 2009 in Bremen and was concluded on 6 June in Hannover.





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  • 2004: Thomas D vs. Bela B. - Fist vs. Mephisto
  • 2005: The Speech of Chief Seattle