Thomas Daniell

Thomas Daniell (* 1749 in Kingston upon Thames, † March 19 1840 in Kensington ( London) ) was an English painter and etcher, who is known for his depictions of Indian cities and landscapes.


He was born 1749 in Chertsey Inn the inn of his father, and began after training as a coach builder in 1770 with an apprenticeship at a London coat of arms painter. In his London years he also drew many urban views, some of which were exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts. He also introduced at this time his nephew William and Samuel Daniell approach to painting.

In 1784 he went, accompanied by his nephew William Daniell, on behalf of the East India Company to India and settled in Calcutta. In the following ten years, he made ​​several trips to India and held his impressions in numerous drawings and paintings firmly. After his return he gave several of his drawings out as a hand-colored aquatint prints. Overall, within the framework of the six -part series Oriental Views (1795-1808) published 144 such prints that met the exoticist zeitgeist and so sold very well at the British art public; 1799 Daniell was also elected to the Royal Academy.

Even his later print series (A picturesque Voyage to India, by the Way of China, 1810; The Oriental Annual, 1834-39 ) had mostly exotic landscapes on the topic.


Shivala Ghat, Benares

Hindu Temple at Yamuna River

Governor's Palace in India

Feigenbaum and Hindu Temple

South Indian landscape view

The " Fakir rocks " in the Ganges

Village in Bengal