Thomas Greiner

Thomas Greiner ( May 3, 1963 in Dresden ) is a German rudder athletes. He was gold medalist in the GDR at the Olympic Games in 1988.


At age nine, he learned in 1972 that rowing at the former BSG Motor Dresden Niedersedlitz, today's club name Dresden Rowing Club eV., He had his great sporting success at the former SC Einheit Dresden, Department of rowing. Their successors eV Dresden Rowing Club in 1902.

In January 2000 he took the national competition judge's examination of German Rowing Association ( DRV) and has since reconnected with the rowing. Since 2005 he is also an international competition judge of the FISA.

Thomas Greiner is married and has two children. For his Olympic victory in 1988, he was awarded the Patriotic Order of Merit in gold.