Thomas Henderson (New Jersey)

Thomas Henderson ( born August 15, 1743 in Freehold, Monmouth County, New Jersey, † December 15, 1824 ) was an American politician and in 1793, acting governor of the state of New Jersey. Between 1795 and 1797 he represented his state in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Early years

Thomas Henderson first attended the common schools and then to 1761 Princeton University, at that time still called Princeton College. He then studied medicine. After completing his studies he practiced around the year 1765 in Freehold as a doctor. During the Revolutionary War he served in the militia of New Jersey. There he rose to become a major in the course of the war.

Political career

As early as 1774 Thomas Henderson was on the safety committee of New Jersey. In 1777 he was a member of the Provincial Council in Monmouth County and in 1779 he won election to the Continental Congress. This mandate but he refused. Between 1780 and 1784, he sat as an MP in the New Jersey General Assembly and in 1790 he was Head of Chancery. Between 1783 and 1799 he was next to his political activities also judge in a court of appeal. However, he is likely to have this office exercised only sporadically because he, especially during his time in Congress was often absent 1797-1799.

From 1793 to 1794 was a member and Vice President Henderson in the State of New Jersey, which later became the New Jersey Senate emerged. In this capacity he had to quit after the resignation of Governor William Paterson whose remaining term of office between 30 March and 3 June 1793. Politically, Henderson member of the Federalist Party of Alexander Hamilton.

After Henderson was elected in 1794 to Congress, he was able to represent between 4 March 1795 to 3 March 1797, the Member of his state. Between 1812 and 1813 he was again a member of the Council of State of New Jersey. Henderson was also a member of a committee, which governed a border dispute with the neighboring state of Pennsylvania. Thomas Henderson died in December 1824. He was married twice and had seven children.