Thomas Hermanns

Thomas Hermanns ( born March 5, 1963 in Bochum ) is a German television presenter, comedian, screenwriter, director and founder of the nonsense comedy clubs.


Thomas Hermanns was born in Bochum. When he was six years old, he moved with his parents to Nuremberg, where his father worked for the Federal Labour Office. After graduation in 1981, he studied at the Ludwig- Maximilians- University in Munich theater studies and graduated in 1988 with a master's from. Since the age of 19 he wrote and directed TV programs. In 1992, under his direction in Hamburg the nucleus of the German stand-up comedy, the Nonsense Comedy Club, which is transmitted from ProSieben since 1996. In 2002 the club moved to Berlin, where he received in the basement of FriedrichstadtPalast a new venue. In early 2006, opened a branch in Hermann's Café Keese on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg.

Hermann also staged shows and comedy programs for other artists, such as Zapped (1998), Back to Life (2000) and Paranoid ( 2004) Michael Mittermeier Meier, Are You? (2001) for Kaya Yanar and for Gayle Tufts and Cora Frost. He directed the musical shows and Grease There is a train to nowhere Director.

As author Thomas Hermanns wrote for the television series Lukas Dirk Bach (1997-1999), wrote the script for the TV movie My best enemy (2000) Mariele Millowitsch and Doris Kunstmann and the comedy Sing if you can! (2002), listed in the Schmidt Theater in Hamburg. In February 2009, his book Forever disco, where he autobiographical deals with the disco era.

As a television presenter, he presented on ProSieben including the Red Nose Day 2002 and the Popclub. In December 2005, he hosted jointly with Sky du Mont and Bettina Zimmermann the Bambi Awards. 2006-2008 Hermann presented the preliminary decision to the German Euro Vision Song Contest. He announced that from 2009, disappointed by the quality and chances to win the German contributions leave the moderation of the preliminary decision and the " Grand Prix Party".

Herman lives in a registered partnership since 2008.

Hermann's guest is occasionally deviated at Genial and other entertainment shows on television. Since 2010, he moderated in Hanover Variety Show The Thomas & Helga Show, which is broadcast on NDR television. Hermann wrote the book for the musical Kein Pardon - Das Musical, which is listed in Dusseldorf since the 12th November 2011 at the Capitol Theater. It is based on the movie of the same Hape Kerkeling from the year 1993.

1989 brought Hermanns with his show " Tommy Gardens Sing-A- Long" Karaoke for the first time to Germany.