Thomas King Carroll

Thomas King Carroll ( born April 29, 1793 Dorchester County, Maryland, † October 3, 1873 in Somerset County, Maryland ) was an American politician and 1830-1831 Governor of Maryland.

Early years and political rise

Thomas Carroll attended the Charlotte Hall Academy, the. Academy Washington and then to 1811 the University of Pennsylvania After a subsequent law degree, he was admitted to the bar in 1814. Two years later he was elected to the House of Representatives from Maryland. This mandate he held from 1816 to 1817. Between 1826 and 1829 Carroll judge was on Guardianship Court in Somerset County ( Orphan 's Court ).

Governor of Maryland and other CV

On January 4, 1830 Thomas Carroll was chosen as the candidate of the Democratic Party by the Legislature as the new governor of his state. In his one-year term, which began on January 15, 1830, a law was passed which guaranteed the veterans of the War of Independence support. The prison system was reformed. The construction of the railroad from Baltimore to Ohio proceeded apace. In January 1831 he was defeated in the gubernatorial election against his predecessor Daniel Martin, which was now to be his successor. In the 1840s Carroll worked for the state lottery in Maryland. When Zachary Taylor in 1849 President of the United States, he appointed Carroll to naval officer of the port in Baltimore. In 1850 he retired then back into retirement. He died in 1873.


With his wife Julianna Stevenson he had nine children, the oldest Anna Carroll (1815-1894), who played a significant role as a consultant Lincoln during the American Civil War.