Thomas Mauch

Thomas Mauch ( born April 4, 1937 in Heidenheim an der Brenz ) is a German cinematographer, screenwriter, film director and producer.


The son of the factory director William Mauch and his wife Erika, born Parrots, attended the Waldorf School and trained as a photographer in 1954. Since 1957 he worked in Munich as a volunteer at the Society for Visual films that was particularly dedicated to industrial and documentary films.

In Munich, he met the director Edgar Reitz know, as his assistant, he directed documentaries from 1959 to 1963 years. In 1963 he became a freelance cinematographer and lecturer at the Institute for filmmaking at the Ulm School of Design. In the early classics of the New German Cinema goodbye to yesterday he was second cameraman next to Reitz. From 1967 he worked mainly with Werner Herzog.

In addition to his camera and faculty work Mauch also worked as a screenwriter and director, mostly for the series The small TV Game of the ZDF. In 1987, he staged with Adrian and the Romans as co-director alongside Klaus Bueb his first feature film.

Mauch received three times the German Film Award for his cinematography: 1973 for Aguirre, the Wrath of God by Werner Herzog, 1979 Neapolitan tales of Werner Schroeter and 1989 for Wallers last passage by Christian Wagner.

From his relationship with the director Helma Sanders- Brahms comes a daughter from the affair with Pia Frankenberg a son. Later the producer Gabriele Röthemeyer was his partner.