Thomas Tooke

Thomas Tooke (* February 28, 1774 in Brasov, † February 26, 1858 in London ) was an English economist. He was the son of the historian William Tooke.

Tooke represented together with John Fullarton the thesis, the demand for money in an economy will be controlled entirely by itself. This theory claimed Robert Torrens and David Ricardo that the money supply should be limited. Tooke wrote a history of prices from 1793 to 1857, in which it, inter alia, demonstrated that the wages of all barter items that are always the last, whose prices are adjusted. To have in his famous defense speech to the Royal Court of Appeal of Berlin against the charge, the propertyless classes to hatred or contempt against the haves publicly incited ( The indirect taxes and the condition of the working classes Zurich 1863) argued Ferdinand Lassalle with this proof.