Thomas Vinterberg

Thomas Vinterberg ( born May 19, 1969 in Frederiksberg ) is a Danish film director. He lives with his second wife, the actress Helene Reingaard Neumann and his son in Copenhagen. Vinterberg was known worldwide as the co-founder of the Dogma 95 movement.

Life and work

Thomas Vinterberg has finished as the youngest graduate ever Danske Filmskole 1993. His graduation film Sidste omgang was nominated for the Student Oscar. De største Helte / Two Heroes was his first feature film, a road movie, for which he won three Roberts, the price of the Danish Film Academy. The film had its premiere at the International Film Festival Mannheim- Heidelberg.

Vinterberg wrote the screenplay and directed the first Dogme film festivals ( The festival ). In a brief appearance here, he also plays a taxi driver. The screenplay was later adapted as a play and performed in Germany at various theaters.

New Year's Eve 2000/2001 he was one of four directors at the TV - experiment D-Day. This story was played in Copenhagen, which was conducted live and in parallel by the four directors. The four different camera shots were sent in real time on four different Danish television channels.

In 2003, Vinterberg turned the big international production It's All About Love. Based on a screenplay by Lars von Trier in 2005 was the drama Dear Wendy. Both films were no financial and cinematic success.

With his film Submarino, a literary adaptation of the novel by the Danish author Jonas T. Bengtsson, which is about a drug-addicted father, Vinterberg was invited to the competition at the Berlinale 2010. On 20 October 2010 Submarino was awarded the Nordic Council Film Prize.

2012 Vinterberg presented the feature film The Hunt finished in which a divorced teacher is falsely accused of abuse on the daughter of his friend in the Danish province. The film received in 2012 an invitation to compete in the International Film Festival in Cannes, won the European Film Award for Best Screenplay, the Robert inter alia, in the categories of Film, Director and Screenplay. 2014 he was nominated for an Oscar as best foreign language film.

Thomas Vinterberg has also directed music videos for Metallica and Blur. In 2010 he has his own theater piece The Funeral / Begravelsen instructed at the Vienna Burgtheater. Thomas Vinterberg is the owner of the Copenhagen company Thomas Vinterberg produced the films.

Filmography / director ( selection)

Theater Works / Director

  • 2007: The festival, Theater in der Josefstadt, Vienna
  • 2010: The funeral, Burgtheater, Vienna
  • 2011: The municipality, UA: September 10, 2011, Academy Theater, Vienna