Thomas Wyatt the Younger

Thomas Wyatt the Younger ( born September 10, 1521April 11, 1554 in London), son of the poet Sir Thomas Wyatt, was a rebel leader during the reign of Mary I. At the age of 15 he was squire at the court of Henry VIII. . , and fought for this in the war against France 1547.

During the reign of Edward the Sixth, he spent some time in the Tower, because he had smashed drunk glass. As of the first in England the plans of the Queen to marry Philip II of Spain were known during the reign of Mary, it came to the so-called Wyatt conspiracy. Philip met with the British on large rejection. They feared a strong Spanish influence in England. Thomas Wyatt wanted to use the former Queen Jane Grey, which was held at this time in the Tower caught again or Henry VIII 's younger daughter Elizabeth with Edward Courtenay, 1st Earl of Devon marry in order to raise this in place Mary on the throne.

Thomas Wyatt gathered a force of 3,000 men to fight against the Queen. The royal army defeated Wyatt's troops until the outskirts of London and the rebellion was crushed. With the help of torture were brought Wyatt to testify against Elizabeth. Face the death sentence against him recanted Thomas Wyatt but then any involvement in the plot of Elizabeth. On April 11, 1554, he was beheaded and quartered it. The Wyatt's goods were confiscated, so his wife and five children were by custom and tradition has been thrown into the street and forced to beg. Queen Mary, however, put them in a pension that allowed them a modest survival.