Thorn Electrical Industries

Thorn Electrical Industries Ltd.. was a British electronics and defense group, in the meantime with the music company EMI Thorn EMI Ltd the company. fused.


In March In 1928 Jules Thorn The Electric Lamp Service Company Ltd. , Which in November 1936 in THORN Electrical Industries Ltd.. has been renamed. The initial business focus was on the manufacture and sale of electric lamps. Later, however, the company's profile has been expanded. Due to the completed in the year of purchase of the name change Ferguson Radio Corporation, the acquisition of Ultra Radio & Television (1961 ) and some other corporate takeovers Thorn was one of Britain's largest television and radio producers.

In October 1979, merged THORN Electrical Industries Ltd.. with EMI to form the consolidated Thorn EMI, which was one of the largest corporations of the United Kingdom. On 16 August 1996, the shareholders of Thorn EMI voted for separation in the EMI Group and Thorn. In June 1998, the Japanese investment bank Nomura took over the company THORN for 980 million pounds sterling.


Since Thorn EMI despite vociferous criticism and international boycotts in the 1980s had more than 30 branches in South Africa, this was tantamount to a de facto support of the then apartheid regime. Also, some artists have criticized the involvement of the parent company with the defense industry.