Thornycroft was a British manufacturer of automobiles and trucks.

Company History

The shipbuilding company John I. Thornycroft & Company Limited of Basingstoke began in 1896 with the production of automobiles and commercial vehicles.

1914, the production of automobiles was discontinued. Trucks were still in production until 1977.

Rolling stock

The first models were trucks with steam engine. 1903 appeared the first automobiles. The Model 10 HP had a two-cylinder engine with 1779 cc and 20 hp model a four-cylinder engine with 3558 cc capacity. 1906 was followed by the four-cylinder models 14/20 HP with 2694 cc and 24 HP with 4655 cc displacement as well as the six-cylinder model 36 HP with 6983 cc capacity. In 1907, the 30 hp four-cylinder engine and 5187 cc capacity to do so. Appeared in 1908 as successor to the 14/18 HP 18 HP with the same engine, whose displacement 1909 to 3233 cc and 1911 increased to 3652 cc. Also in 1908 appeared as a new six-cylinder model of 45 HP with 7780 cc capacity.

Tabular overview of car models

Still existing automobiles

13 cars of this brand still exist today. Two are in the Milestones - Hampshire 's Living History Museum in Basingstoke and a visit to the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon in Warwickshire. Two vehicles are sometimes used at the London Brighton Run in England.