Thorsten Hohmann

  • 8-Ball Cup: Quarter Finalist (2004)
  • 9-Ball World Cup: Victory (2003, 2013)
  • 10-Ball Championship: Round of 32 (2009)
  • 14/1 World Cup: Victory (2006, 2011, 2013)
  • U.S. Open (9- Ball): Finalist (2004)
  • WPM: Quarter Finalist (2005)

Thorsten Hohmann (born 14 July 1979, Fulda ) is a German pool player.

His first major success was achieved by Hohmann 2000, when he reached the quarterfinals of the World Cup in the 8- ball. In 2003, he managed by winning the 9-Ball World Cup breakthrough at the top. In addition, he won the 2003 German Championship in 14 and 1 endless with the team and in mixed and was second at the World Pool League.

2004 a European title in the 8- ball, a second place finish at the U.S. Open 9- Ball and another German championships added ( in the 9 -ball singles and team).

2005 Hohmann silver medal at the World Games in Duisburg. Added to this was another European title, this time in 14 and 1 endless, and victories in the BCA Open 9 -Ball Championships, Sudden Death 7 -Ball and the World Pool League. In the 9-Ball World Championship, he reached at least the quarter-finals.

In 2006 he turned professional and has since been living in Jacksonville, Florida. This year, Hohmann secured the 1st World Ranking, among other things by winning the first official 14 and 1 endless World Cup, as well as the hitherto highly doped pool billiard tournament of all time, the IPT North American Open in Las Vegas.

His first European title in the 9- ball he took in 2007. During the 14 and 1 endless World Cup 2007, he made ​​it this time to the quarter finals, then different however. In 2009, he missed at the 8th World Games in Kaohsiung in fourth just under his second medal at the World Games. On 25 August 2013, again won the 14.1 - Endless World Cup against the Englishman Darren Appleton.

Hohmann represented Europe in the Mosconi Cup so far three times ( 2003, 2005 and 2009). At the World Cup of Pool 2009 he reached together with Ralf Souquet as Team Germany the finale, in which the two, however, the Filipino duo Reyes / Bustamante were subject 9:11.

Since 2006 he plays a Lucasi queue with a Universal Smart Shaft. His Break Cue is also of the brand Lucasi. His nickname in the pool scene is The Hitman or Toasti.