Three Preludes (Gershwin)

The Three Preludes are three piano pieces by George Gershwin. Originally had even five Piano Preludes are to be built, two were, however, arranged by Gershwin for piano and violin ( the so-called " Short Stories ").

The first is the Preludes in B flat and is held in the Charleston rhythm. The left hand is characterized by constant, harmonic rhythm, while the right hand holds the subject.

The second piece is in C sharp minor and represents a kind of blues represents the typical intonation of this musical style remains even with Gershwin received and will be extended by a delicate harmony.

Prelude No.. III is ultimately a faster Foxtrot and is composed in E flat minor.

Overall, all three pieces reflect the proximity to Gershwin's symphonic compositions (eg Rhapsody in Blue ) resist, which are also marked by bold modulations and extended harmony in the form of stylistic elements of jazz.