The throughput (English throughput ) refers to the amount within a specified period of time by a pre-defined limit ( balance envelope, interface, control surface ) processed, or transmitted.

In computer science, the throughput is, for example, a measure of the amount of data that can be processed by a system or subsystem per unit of time. In computer networks, the data throughput is the number of data per unit time can be transferred over the network, a subnet or a network component. He is to be distinguished from the latency as a measure of the duration of a date through the network and the network load, which refers to the proportion actually used the available throughput.

Other examples are:

  • Throughput during metabolism ( energy expenditure )
  • Throughput for traffic structures in terms of transport or in terms of passengers
  • Throughput in logistics (important for the calculation of costs → eg throughput fees / cost)
  • Throughput at an air turbine or an axial fan