Throwdown (band)

Throwdown is an American metalcore band. Throwdown has already appeared at Ozzfest in Sounds of the Underground and on the Warped Tour. The band's music is by self- description "heavy, metallic, dynamic and impulsive ."


Throwdown began as a kind of " joke band". Quickly a fan base developed in the hardcore punk scene of Orange County ( California). Keith Barney, now at Eighteen Visions, was the original singer of the band. The previous Eighteen Visions guitarist and current Bleeding Through Brandan Schieppati singer was also an early member of the group, but not from the beginning. Schiepettati replaced the Eighteen Visions bassist Javier Van Huss just before the band recorded their demo for Prime Directive Records. Indecision Records released the debut album Beyond Repair shortly after Dave Peters to thrust as a guitarist and Schieppati replaced. The Drive Me Dead EP and a second album, You Do not Have to Be Blood to Be Family, followed. Throwdown is a straight edge band that writes songs and corresponding texts.

Trustkill Records signed the band shortly before the release of Haymaker, the first album with Peter as a singer under contract. The band recorded the album in a studio drummer, because Marc Jackson was asked to leave the band. Matt Mently who had Barney represented in some occasions, the group joined as an official member just before they were given their place on the Ozzfest 2004, at. Tommy Love (guitar) became a part -time member for several months before he left the band in December 2004. In January of the following year, the band wrote - consisting of Peters, Mentley, Dussault and bassist Dom Macaluso - Vendetta with a new album, which she with producer Zeuss ( Shadows Fall, among others ) recorded in the "Planet Z" studios. Choiniere joined in April 2005, a few months before the album's release, at. Macaluso, the only remaining original member, left the band in September 2005 to join the band Diana Gone Wrong. Mentley later took over the bass.


Initially, the music style was arranged quite the hardcore area, but on the two albums Haymaker and Vendetta they mixed several metal influences in their previous music one. Up to this time there was pure metalcore songs.

Michael Edele compares the band to in his review on the studio album was released in 2007 Venom and Tears with Pantera. In addition Throwdown arrived in his opinion quite definitively in the metal sector and there would hear only subtle elements of hardcore.



  • Beyond Repair (1999)
  • You Do not Have to Be Blood to Be Family (2001)
  • Haymaker (2003)
  • Vendetta (2005)
  • Venom and Tears (2007)
  • Deathless (2009)
  • Intolerance (2014)


  • Throwdown 7 "( 1999)
  • Drive Me Dead EP ( 2000)
  • Split 7 " with Good Clean Fun ( 2001)
  • Face the Mirror EP ( 2002)
  • Throwdown - the DVD: Together. Forever. United. (2004)