Throwing Muses

Throwing Muses is an American alternative band that made in the 1980s and 1990s, attention to himself with a mixture of pop and noise rock. The great success of the band was due to the unconventional sounds denied, but within the Independent congregation, went forth many artistic inspiration from it.


Kristin Hersh founded with her ​​stepsister Tanya Donelly and school friends David and Elaine Narcizo Adamedes the Throwing Muses in 1980 in Newport, Rhode Iceland. They were then 14 years old. Just four years later, they released the EP of the same name, which was well received by critics. In 1986, the bass guitar by Leslie Langston was taken, which was represented in 1990 by Fred Abong. The band was taken by the British record label 4AD under contract. 1992 changed the composition of the band, as Donelly got out (see also: Belly ) and Langston was oriented in a different direction. Hersh had become a mother of two and let the activities in the band for a long time to rest. 1995 returned the Muses to Georges back on bass. Since 1997, Hersh is a solo artist, essentially. However, the band comes together in occasional concerts, played for example in 2011 during a tour in Berlin and published a best-of album entitled " Anthology ". In October 2013, the band released a ninth album entitled "Purgatory / Paradise " in the form of a book with accompanying CD.



Singles, EPs

Most of the songs of "The Fat Skier" can be found on new editions of " House Tornado".