Tianshui (天水 市; Pinyin: Tiānshuǐ Shì ) is the second largest city in the Chinese province of Gansu.

Tianshui lies on the ancient route of the Northern Silk Road at the Wei River. The listed Maijishan Grottoes and the Daoist Jadequellen temple located on its territory. The Kingdom of Qin from which later the Qin Dynasty emerged that united the Chinese empire for the first time, comes from this area. Tianshui is furthermore a currently unoccupied Catholic diocese.

Administrative Divisions

The prefecture-level city of Tianshui is made at the county level from two districts, four districts and one autonomous county. These are:

  • Municipality Qinzhou -秦州 区Qinzhou Qū;
  • Municipality Maiji -麦 积 区Maiji Qū;
  • Circle Qingshui -清水 县Qīngshuǐ Xiàn;
  • Circle Qin'an -秦安县Qin'an Xiàn;
  • Circle Gangu -甘谷 县Gāngǔ Xiàn;
  • Wushan County -武 山 县Wǔshān Xiàn;
  • Autonomous County of Hui Zhangjiachuan -张家川 回族 自治县Zhangjiachuan Huizu Zizhixian.