A large village Tianying (Chinese田营镇, Pinyin TianYing Zhen ) is part of the independent city Jieshou (界首 市), which in turn belongs to the northwest of Anhui province to the administrative area of the prefecture-level city of Fuyang. At the census in 2000 Tianying had 26 095 inhabitants. This was 4.1% of the then 640 878 inhabitants of Jieshou. The end of 2004, the population had grown to over 750,000 Jieshous.

In Tianying and around about half of the lead ore of the People's Republic of China is encouraged. Little developed technologies and lack of environmental control measures have meant that the average concentration of lead in the air and in the ground, according to the Blacksmith Institute is the eight and a half to ten times the international limit values ​​. The consequences are numerous health damage to the population, including learning disabilities, stunted growth, kidney malfunction, or brain damage.

The rivers in the vicinity of the place are so heavily contaminated with lead, that the State Environmental Administration of China has already in 2003 temporarily shut down individual lead smelters. In total there are around 140,000 people in Tianying, the other communities and large communities Jieshous and the adjoining Jieshou circle Taihe, who also belongs to Fuyang, affected by the pollution.

In 2007, the Blacksmith Institute Tianying on the list of the ten most polluted places in the world.

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